Concept Design of a Thief or Burglar

This is one of my first post that I am doing for my blog. Hope you like it!

Started with a line drawing to jot down ideas to design and to get the theme, clothing that the character might wear to a time period that people who wear suits everyday. At this time I try to pose the character, and a face that might represent a thief or burglar but can blend into a crowd of people unnoticeable.
Some turnaround that based on a the line drawing to get a better ideas of the character's dimension with different views.

Final color concept that show the color of the clothing. The color palette dose a lot in showing of a earth tones and a color on the long sleeve shirt. The color represented to be chosen to be blue collar worker class and choosing lighting that create a drop shadow on the cap on his head to cover his eyes that make him menacing and disguise his eyes.


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